Water access only


Specializing in small to medium OFF GRID systems. Grid interactive systems available also.


         Remember when tradespeople built things to last and everything was TICKETEYBOO?  That's how we put together solar systems. Built strong and robust for coastal weather using the best components and corrosion resistant materials available.  Cables and components are installed to be insect and rodent resistant. All systems are labelled and designed for simplicity so all family members can turn then on and off. If you are looking for something that is put together with lasting durability and everything looks ticketeyboo then give us a call.

Backup power for resource camps

Helicopter safe systems for small and large camps are custom built for the intended use.

Generators can be turned off earlier at night so the office tent can still be powered with radios on. The solar battery can be recharged daily when the generator is back on under rain or cloudy conditions. Emergency power in case of generator breakdown. Custom systems for remote fly camps that are boxed and can be slung.  Solar power isn't overly expensive now. Having emergency power will enhance your safety program and give peace of mind the farther you are away from help.

 Remote access

 Road access